Custom Home Libraries

Thinking about adding a library to your home? A library can be of great value to almost any family. Kids can use it throughout their school years for homework and research, parents can use it as an office, and guests will be impressed as well. Below you will find some of our past work. Don’t hesitate to call or email us for a free estimate.

Some of Our Past Work

A custom library is an aspirational thing for the avid readers amongst us. It isn’t something everybody can afford, or would have the need for. A home library is a definite wow factor and a great place to be in any house if done right.

A library is often used more as a conversation piece or somewhere to sit quietly rather than to work or read. They don’t have to be whole rooms either. It depends entirely on the space available and your requirements. The advantage of having a library custom made is that it can be designed around you. It can fit in a corner or along a single wall or corridor. There have been some ingenious uses of space in some of the top designs, and JWP can provide them all. We can provide solutions for all sorts of uneven or awkward spaces which is a distinct advantage of having something made to measure. Not only can a normally unusable space be utilized for something, but a custom design will fit perfectly and look great.

The vast majority of home libraries will be homely and comfortable, as other styles don’t work so well. Wood is the ideal material for making the furniture and the cabinetry with. Metal might end up looking like a public library, all function and no form unless designed and built exceptionally well.

Take the example of the custom library we built for the Elias Brothers, Pictures here. It was designed and built from scratch by JWP and is a good marker for what can be achieved with the right artisans. The construction was predominantly cherry wood and was finished in a top quality medium brown walnut stain which was applied and finished by hand.

This library was lovingly created over the space of two months and once finished looked amazing. The room was then rounded off with a cherry hardwood floor to complement the library. The end result as you will agree is a joy to behold.

Each panel and shelf was made and stained by hand. It was then carefully installed and meticulously sanded and finished to an extremely high standard. A further layer of lacquer was applied to ensure the wood endured.

The room, although a library, isn’t without its modern conveniences. The panel above the stone fireplace is a little more than meets the eye. A simple press of a button causes the panel to slide back to reveal a 40” LCD TV. A small trapping of modernity in a classic luxury surrounding, done in such a way as to not disturb the authenticity of the style.

This is just one example of the kind of effect that can be created with a good design and talented craftsmen. The combination of these things, with good quality materials has created a room that will give joy to all those who move in it for many years to come.

Whatever kind of idea you have for your own custom library, JWP can help you achieve it. Although you receive a premium finish, it doesn’t cost a premium to have one of these beautiful and elegant rooms. The vision is yours alone, but we can make it a reality.