Doors – Interior & Exterior

Doors are one of those household features that rarely get much thought, yet are used every single day. If you removed all the doors in your home, you would certainly notice it, especially if it was your front door!

Not only does a door give you security, it creates an impression of your home. Architects and designers have been wise to quality doors for years, and have used them to great effect. Take a look at any of the latest designs or quality homes in the media. You won’t find cheap six panel doors anywhere. The next time you visit a good hotel or conference center, take a look at the types of doors they use. They will be good, solid wooden doors with high quality finishes to create the right impression.

Fitting good quality doors may seem like an extravagance, but it is a quick and easy way to set your home apart, and give it a good quality feel. A solid wood front door will also offer good security and as long as it is fitted correctly will prevent drafts and energy loss. Interior doors offer much the same benefits but will also keep heat and sound contained much better than cheaper ones.

We can create door designs and shapes to fit almost any situation. From antique to gothic, heavy oak to mahogany, if a design is possible we can create it.

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