Furniture Refinishing

Many of us have old pieces of furniture lying around. It may be a bit tired, dog-eared or battered but you simply can’t bring yourself to replace it with something new. Why replace good solid wooden furniture with a flat pack if you don’t need to?

JWP are expert refinishers. We can take you worn furniture and return it to its former glory, sometimes even better than that! Different finishes can completely change the character of a piece, and when done properly can make a real statement.

There are different types of finishes to choose from such as a Standard finish which will be an even color throughout with a polish to protect it. Antique or Distressed finishes can give a newer piece an authentic antique look. We can artificially age furniture or distress it so it looks a lot older than it is. Only an expert would be able to tell it’s not an authentic antique!

A classic finish is high on layers and high on durability. If you have children or furniture in high traffic areas then this finish is ideal. The many layers of finish protect the wood from stain and damage. An Antique painted finish is possible if you prefer your wood painted. A combination of protective paint and refined technique allows us to simulate an antique finish, you can even have a cracked or aged finish.

Contact us here at JWP and we can discuss your requirements further.
You can see many pictures of cabinets, furniture, and other interior items that we have finished here.