Home Improvement

Every house deserves to be a home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a penthouse on the beach, a walled estate or a small single family home in the suburbs. There is some instinct within us as people to put our own identity onto our dwellings. Even the cavemen painted their walls.

Things have moved along a bit since then fortunately. Home improvement has become a massive industry and interior designers have carved a niche out all for themselves. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, or expensive to put your own mark on your home. Every step you take in that direction will gradually make the property feel more yours, and you in turn will feel more comfortable and at home in it.

What could be more individual than your own custom made furniture. Designed and created to suit your personality and desires or for the specific spaces in which it will sit. JWP can design and make any kind of furniture you could possible dream of. Then we can fit the pieces into all sorts of spaces your architect or house builders dreamt of. Nothing says bespoke like a custom made cabinet which fills a previously impossible space in a room.

These kinds of solutions are not as expensive as you might imagine, and the pleasure they bring far outweighs their cost. Our custom made furniture really is worth much more than the sum of its parts.

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You can see many pictures of cabinets, furniture, and other interior items that we have finished here.