Interior Design

Interior design is an evolution of home improvement. It has a theme, an overriding goal that spans an entire property not just a room. The design can be created by a professional or by yourself, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get the home you want.

Custom or bespoke furniture will feature heavily in most interior designs. Whether existing furniture is refinished to match the new design, or new furniture made to fit. Either way JWP is ideally placed to fulfill those needs.

Our expertise in furniture and many aspects of interior design will ensure you get the end product you love. We can either work with you, your designer, or one of our design partners in Naples. The choice is yours.

We can create furniture to fit into spaces big or small, regular or difficult shapes and aspects. Whether built-in or free standing, our furniture will compliment and accent any room they live in. Not forgetting doors, vanities and bathroom suites, wooden floors, staircases and any other household feature. If we can’t do it ourselves, we have a great team of local partners that can do it for us.

The result of having furniture refinished or made for the purpose will only enhance the effect of the design. It also saves you many hours searching for the right piece of furniture to go in each room! Shopping for this kind of thing isn’t something you can do on the internet. You have to touch it, feel it, smell it to be sure it touches you in the right way. Let us take the legwork out of it for you and allow us to create something especially for you.

Contact us here at JWP and we can discuss your requirements further.
You can see many pictures of cabinets, furniture, and other interior items that we have finished here.