Stairs & Railings

A staircase can be a centerpiece of a home or merely something to help you get to bed, the choice is yours. If you want something a little special then JWP has the answer. They can design and build a staircase to your specific requirements and space. Your staircase can be as grand or understated as you desire and your space or design allows.

With a complete staircase design you can remodel your space completely without having to build around it. Often staircases seem shoehorned into a space which reflects on the surrounding area. Starting again can be the ideal solution to an interior design and allow much more freedom it the designing of the rest of your home. It can give much more freedom to a concept if you can plan your rooms around a staircase rather than the other way round.

It may seem a little overwhelming to consider completely rebuilding a staircase, and if you were considering doing it yourself it would be. In the capable hands of JWP we make it seem easy. Our experienced team have been working with wood for years, and have the skills and expertise to make it look easy. We can help you plan and design your new staircase, or work with a designer to achieve the desired look.

From the design, build and finishing, we can take care of it for you. Trust us to make turn your ideas into reality.

Contact us here at JWP and we can discuss your requirements further.
You can see many pictures of cabinets, furniture, and other interior items that we have finished here.