Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster has been used throughout the world since the early middle ages. As the name suggests the origins of this plaster is Italian or Venetian and is still much in use today. It is also known as Marmorino, polished plaster or marbled plaster because of the finishes that can be produced.

The results can be shiny, smooth, marbled, textured or any combination of them. It is a truly versatile finish. Although most plasters are polished or burnished to a sheen, there are other effects that can be achieved like marble, stone and even suede!

Polished plaster is a fine lime putty, mixed with marble dust, pigments and other natural ingredients. Marmorino uses slightly coarser marble dust to give a more textured finish. Lucidato is a type that gives the smooth and highly polished shine, while Metallic Stucco can give a polished effect with hints of gold or silver in the finish.

This plaster is suitable for most surface types from walls, ceilings to kitchens and shower cubicles. This is because if applied properly and allowed to dry naturally it becomes completely waterproof. If the plaster is going to get wet often then a final coat of special wax is applied to add an extra layer of protection. The result is so hard wearing that it can be ideal for high traffic areas or even outside.

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