Wall Units

Wall units can be as modest or as grand as you want them. From simply finished wood units in a hallway or living room, to ornate structures that dominate any room. They can be built in or free standing depending on your home and they come in as many shapes and sizes as you can imagine!

As with everything we make, wall units can be made to your exact specifications and design. They can be tailored to fit in particular nooks or fitted to an entire wall. Polished, stained or even painted. The choices are yours to make.

Cabinetry of Denver are expert cabinet makers and take great pride in their end to end service. So not only can we consult with you and design the piece with you, but we will then build it, finish it and even fit it.

The design process takes into account the purpose of the piece. Is it to display trophies, or ornaments, or books or to hide your technology like computers and televisions? All these things will be discussed with you at the time. Measurements will have to be given or taken so we build what you need. Then a suitable design and finish can be agreed upon and we will build your new furniture. Depending on the type of fitting we may build it in pieces and assemble in place.

We take pride in our work and are confident we can design and build anything your imagination can create.

Contact us  and we can discuss your requirements further.
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Some of Our Past Work

A wall unit is a simple portion of fixtures that contains several Custom elements that stands adjacent to one partition of a room. Wall unit fixtures are usually customized and range the style of contemporary, transitional and traditional style to match any modern style and contemporary homes or business establishments.

Woods that were being used to create wall units were oak, maple, yellow cedar, paduk wood, American and European beech, purple heart wood, alder and cherry. Some companies combines solid and wood veneers in creating wall units that normally has amendable shelves. But aside from using woods, metals and glass were also used to create wall units.

Wall units are convenient and can be easily set up. This popular type of stylish furniture is being used as storage, reliable space saver and as added design in the houses. Relatively, the purpose why this piece of furniture was being built is first to help maximize a space in a room. Wall furniture are then created to carry decoders, HiFi radio, serves as display racks and platform for television sets which, can be established with an optional pull out or swivel tray option. CD, DVD’s and videotapes are also stored in a wall unit called drawers.

Aside from carrying small type Wall Unitsof appliances, Wall units are also used as a large support system in residential planning. They are crucial to the general presence of the house being built as they cater to provide adjustable and standardized shelves and retractable stylish doors and gates. This gates and doors are usually as lattice, framed wooden panel or framed glass. The shelves that were being constructed are moderately made of clear glass and wood veneer depending on the atmosphere and the house diagram. Wall Units are also believed to be a source of residential energy preservation, as they are considered transportable, versatile and offers a withstanding capability in supporting other household fixtures.

There are different types of wall units. They divided into five major types, which were wall beds, multi-purpose rooms, home office system, desk and wall units, and custom wall units. Custom wall units were normally associated as classy and multi-purpose closets, generally because of their designs, which mostly contain adjustable shelves, drawers that were made of bearing glides and lights that were mount in above shelves.

Some examples of wall unit subtypes were desk, fireplace surrounds, home library set up, corner cupboard, TV cabinets, built-in desk, painted library,Dark Wall Unit garden bench, cherry cabinet, built-in bookcase, elliptical-door, half circle door and wide screen cabinets. Desk is one type of wall units that incorporates a freestanding proportions perfect for a plywood solid poplar trim fireplace cabinetry. One outstanding wall unit class is also the painted library were major planning sensitivity is readily identified based on the customized paints and shapes of the house. Majority of the wall unit manufacturer nowadays embarks on thoroughly designed and carefully installed custom cabinetry or cabinets that were fully functional and adaptable to the basic ambiance of the house.

An Entertainment cabinet is a one subtype of custom cabinet that is more often than not designed to stereo system with speakers and large televisions. Generally a custom cabinet is being made as a center cabinet and usually possesses and matches door paintings. The painted cabinet and room possesses similar colors to dapper the imposing effect of its large build.

Other types of custom cabinets belonging to the wall unit family were built in oak cabinets, display cabinets, bathroom cabinets, display cabinets, custom wall unit cabinets with TV pull outs and custom wall unit desk cabinet with desk pull outs. These types of custom cabinets are typically two-piece unit made from oak, tall built, and made to order. Majority of this customer cabinets have glass doors and shelves with flaunting lights inside while display cabinets were dual purpose cabinets used for display and as a stereo storage cabinets.

Wall Unit’s sizes are dependent on the length and width of its target house recipient or location. Relatively, a normal custom wall unit has a measurement of 92 heights 84 width and Maple Wall Units20 dimensions or by 92 Heights 60 width and 20 dimensions while display custom cabinets ranges from width 54 and dimensions of 96.

Aside from uses, styles and dimensions, Wall Units are also classified in terms of its price. There are some classic, middle class design, bargain or affordable unit wall expanding all sub class and types. Prices also depend on the type of wall unit. Normal charges for this type of furniture can range from as low as $200 to $10,000 again, depending on the amount of coverage to be used.

There are some who also offers the said wall unit in auction type styles. Mostly, this type of furniture can be made to order through online shops. Most of the unit wall prices where Ash Wall Unitscategorized based on their styles, sizes, types, and finishes whether they are made of wood, metal and glass. Moreover, these types of wall unit purchases are majority paid using major credit cards like visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, bank drafts or other types of banking transactions. On the other hand, some who are not comfortable enough to encrypt or divulge their credit card information or billing information online resorts to purchasing it in stores or warehouses. However, there are some individuals who are talented, strong and hard-working enough to diligently design and create their own unit walls choosing wisely their styles, materials and types without much monetary expense.